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Stamped Paving with Asphalt, Cement Walks, Birms & Retaining Walls

Proper planning prior to the construction phase of a project ensures high-quality results. Our Services Include:

  • Stamped Asphalt application is the printing of patterns (most often brick) which is integrated into the surface of warm asphalt. The result is an authentic brick appearance. The printed pattern is typically asigned a custom color coating to enhance the pattern's visual overall appeal.
  • Cement Walks are contoured concrete walks.
  • Birms curb and span the perimiter of driveways or parking lots.
  • Retaining Walls consist of Interlock Block and have a decorative appearance.

Excavating, Sealcoating, Linestriping and Landscaping Services

  • Excavating is the process of digging out and removal of the existing driveway
  • Sealcoating Applying hot liquid asphalt to the surface then covering with a graded aggregate to produce a waterproof membrane
  • Line Striping chalks all lines on new layout striping to insure perfectly straight lines. Striping can be done approximately 6-12 hours after the sealer has dried. Time will vary depending on temperature.
  • Landscaping installation other landscape features -- walks, walls, patios, etc.