The Best Job, at The Best Price


Bob just finished replacing my driveway....He called when he said he'd call, showed up when he said he'd show up and did the job on budget. More importantly,the job was done perfectly. I would highly recommend him! 

-Maria Fort

We recently had our thirty year old driveway and walkways completely replaced by Bob and his excellent crew. We chose Bob Muldoon because of his reputation for fairness, honesty, and excellence, and we got everything we heard we would. Bob listened personally and closely to the concerns we had on our particular property and those concerns were addressed completely in the product he and his crew delivered. Outstanding in every way! 

-Mary and Steve Vergados

We recently had Bob widen and repave our driveway which included moving a 4 foot high dry stone wall. Bob's crew was timely, efficient, clean and did a fantastic job at a resonable price. Bob's team worked with the city engineering department providing them with plans and applying for permits of anticipated work to be done. Bob took all the tedious adminsitrative tasks and ran with it. Bob even took the time to stop and chat a week after the work was done. Great customer service. I'm very happy with the outcome. 

-Carlo & Donna Noe Lowell, MA

We needed to widen our driveway and add a small entry area to accommodate our new 2-car garage. Bob's pricing was very competitive; he and his crew did a fantastic job. For our entry area, we did stamped asphalt with a traditional brick pattern; we love it. The whole crew was very professional and completed the job right on schedule. I would highly recommend Bob and his crew to anyone doing a basic driveway or adding the stamped asphalt application. Feel free to email with any questions. Thanks Mike 

- Mike Fortier

Greatly satisfied would recommend you to others. 

- Mary Wood

I am so in awe of the work done by Mr. Muldoon and his crew. He was professional from the beginning and it only went uphill from there with him and his crew. No deteail was left undone. I certainly have no trouble giving his name and phone number to anyone and have already started. Thanks again Mr. Muldoon for another job well done. 

- Edna V. Caisse

I had my drivway and front of my house paved by Bob Muldoon paving recently and I could not have been more pleased. Not only did he give me a resonable price but the quality of his work was super. Bob and his crew are really in tune to detail making sure that everything is just the way you want it and done right before they leave. I would highly recommend having Bob Muldoon do your next paving job. 

- Michael Hayden

We were very pleased with the paving job of Bob Muldoon Paving. Bob repaved the driveway,walkway, patio, and apron next to the back of our house. He and his crew were very courteous and polite throughout the whole process. Bob was there on time and stayed until the job was done. We have a problem with water coming in off the street and Bob designed the driveway to eliminate that problem. He was conscious of our concerns and addressed them all as they came up. 

- Bill McMahon

Bob, I just wanted to thank you here for the exceptional job you did putting in my new driveway. The price was very fair, you were a pleasure to deal with and your crew did a terrific job. I truly appreciate your workmanship and attention to detail. I look forward to dealing with you when it comes time for seal coating. Thanks Again! 

-Jason Vinas

Bob recently replaced my 20 year drive and walkway. As the project proceeded, there were a number of unforseen difficulties that arose due to the nature of the underlying ground and the excessively high water table. Bob went above and beyond to make sure the drive was completed to his high standards. He also took a lot of time to explain to me the issues that had arisen and the steps he had taken to resolve them. I would highly recommend Bob and his team to anyone looking for a high quality paving job 

-Colleen Amedure

We were extremely pleased and impressed at the total experience of having Bob and crew pave our driveway. Bob Muldoon is a professional that takes pride in his work. He answered all our questions beforehand and stuck to the price that he quoted us. Bob is a hands on boss that worked along side of his crew. \'Good enough\', isnt in Bob\'s vocabulary. I watched him move around the site and could tell he wasnt done until he was satisfied with his work.As I said before, its good to know that Bob takes pride in his work! 

-Sincerely, Steve Dade

I am a repeat customer of Mr. Muldoon. I needed to extend my driveway and reduce the slope of the driveway where it meets the street, my vehicle actually hit the ground when leaving my home. Bob applied for and received the proper permits, removed the old driveway, changed the slope by removing some large boulders, and removed the loam in the new sections. He put down a proper stone base and two layers of blacktop. After the work was completed, he cleaned up and left the grounds in a pristine state. The driveway looks great and we no longer need to worry about bottoming out. He does live up to his reputation 

-James Mitchneck

I have dealt with a lot of different people in my life but Bob Muldoon is among the best! After living in our home for 20 plus years and only having a one car drive, we finally decided to expand the driveway so we could park both our vehicles. Easy enough right??? Little did we know that the City of Lowell recently adopted a new ordinance that only allows a driveway to be so wide. Bob was the only contractor who told us about this ordinance and offered us suggestions and advice to meet our needs. Bob created two drives with an island between them and it looks awesome! I'm looking forward to adding more plants/shrubs in the Island and my husband now has off street parking too! Bob is a real professional and I would highly recommend Bob Muldoon Paving Service. I can't wait for Bob to do our patio area in the backyard! 

- Deb Belanger

We are very pleased with how our driveway came out. We couldn’t have asked for a better experience from beginning to end. Our existing driveway and walkway were removed and the new driveway was installed exactly how we wanted it and it looks wonderful! Thanks so much! 

- Linda & Jerry McCarthy

We have lived in a lot with many pine trees and soil of sand for several decades. Because the drive way sank and deteriorated we had it replaced and discovered that there was no base or binder layers over the sand. Instead, the original contractor placed hot top directly on the sand. Muldoon’s people came and cut out a large cracked cement section in the garage floor and replaced it with high quality cement and removed the old layer on drive way and replaced it with the above named three layers and properly graded it for surface drainage. They did the job efficiently and professionally. We are extremely pleased with the final product. 

- Ginny Price, Westford, MA

We are just thrilled with the outstanding job Bob Muldoon Paving did with our driveway. From the first moment, Bob and his crew were professional, responsive and attentive to detail. They use only top quality materials and take great pride in doing first class work. We felt like Bob was giving our job the personal attention and service he would give to a family member. Our driveway presented some challenges, including uneven terrain and an odd slope that caused water to drain against the house. For Bob and his crew, these were no problem. He designed a driveway that drains the water away from the house and slopes beautifully. What a huge difference! Bob did our next-door neighbor’s driveway several years ago, and it still looks brand new today. But another neighbor used a different paver who gave them a “great deal” and within two years, the driveway was cracking and eroding. When it comes to paving a driveway, you get what you pay for, and with Bob Muldoon, you’re paying for quality work at a fair price. We couldn’t be more satisfied with the work he did for us and we highly recommend Bob Muldoon Paving. 

- Mike and Marcia Cassidy, Lowell

We had our driveway redone last month. We were having an outdoor party and were on a tight schedule. Our driveway was not only done earlier than we had originally thought, they did a great job, and it was completed in one day! We highly recommend Bob Muldoon Paving! 

- Linda

As a retired educator, I was looking to have my driveway and walkways paved. I was in the process of obtaining estimates and called Bob Muldoon. Little did I know he was the same Bob Muldoon who was a student in one of my first classes. When Bob got out of his truck he recognized me right away. He gave me an estimate and a detailed explanation of how he would do the job. His estimate was fair and he was going to do a more complete job then the other companies. In addition, Bob did his new stamped pavement technique on the walkways which has added beauty to the landscaping. As a former educator, it gave me a great deal of pleasure to see a former student operate a business with professionalism, expertise, and fairness. Bob knows his name is on the job so he works right along with his grew to make sure the work is done perfectly. We recommend Bob Muldoon without reservation and welcome inquiries. 

- Robert and Mary Ann Dempsey, Dracut, MA

I would highly recommend Bob Muldoon Paving to all of my friends and family. I can't say enough about how impressed I am with the final result. The quality of his work is outstanding. Bob and his hardworking team did a superior job. From ensuring that any water issues would be avoided to making sure the site was left as clean as it was when they arrived, they exceeded my expectations. Bob is a great guy and cares about his customers! 

-Darlene Reese-Mannion

Bob Muldoon's company just finished paving my driveway at my home. They did an excellent job. He was prompt, polite, had some great ideas to alleviate water issues we had been having. The driveway looks fantastic! The pricing was also great. I would recommend Bob & company highly to any of my friends & family looking to have this kind of work done. He is actually doing my neighbors house next as they were so impressed with his work. Thank you so much for doing such a great job!! 

-Doris Sheehan

I recently had my driveway repaved and was just delighted at what an outstanding job Bob & his crew did. Bob Muldoon is a total professional who deeply cares about his customers & the quality of his work. I was especially impressed with his level of sincerety & integrity. I wasn't sure with space limitations how it would turn out, but Bob came up with a georgous design plan that now completes the front of the house. Everytime I pull up to the property I can't stop smiling!!! I will recommend your company to everyone I know Looking for a great job & a very fair price. Thanks again Bob, I couldn't be happier. 

-Karen Gokey - Lowell

Bob Muldoon and his wonderful crew just paved my driveway and front walk and Im thrilled with the finished product. Bob had come highly recommended by a number of sources and rightly so. The job was completed quickly and with tremendous attention to detail. The plants and bushes adjacant to the work area were treated with great care and disruption was kept to a minimum. Bob was also very informative in describing the process, timeframes, etc. and he certainly goes out of his way to make his customers happy. Friends and neighbors have been commenting on how much better the property looks...and it really does! I am absolutely delighted to testify as yet another more-than-satisfied homeowner. 

-Marina Sampas Schell

Bob recently completed a driveway/parking area job for our family in Lexington. The job was tricky, with difficult drainage issues and an unexpectedly hard base of rock and clay. Despite the unexpected challenges of the project, Bob and his crew completed a highly quality job on schedule and within budget. I can't recommend him highly enough. 

-John Boiney

I Have lived in my home for the past 33 years. Over this time I have had my driveway re-paved several times. Driveway would look good for a period of 1 year and then it would crack in the same places it had before. I called Bob Muldoon and he came to my home to evaluate my problem. He told me what he could do and gave me a great price. It has been 3 years since Bob did my driveway and its looks as good now as the day he did it. He also prevented water from runnning into my garage during heavy rain storms by creating a funnel near the end of my driveway. I was so pleased with the work peformed by Bob that I had him redo my walkways with this new procedure he told me about. After repaving the walkways he used this mold which went into the hot top and made it look like bricks and then sealed it with a brick colored epoxy. Job came out beautiful and when anyone comes to my home they compliment me on my brick walkways. Bob and I have become good friends and I would highly recommed him to anybody I know. He does a great job at a reasonable price and takes a lot of pride in his work. Bob did a beautiful job on our driveway.Looks great!!! He even called after job was complete to make sure we were satified. Bob is always easy to reach to answer any questions and give advice or a quote. Our neighbor was so impressed that he also had Bob do his driveway and they'll be back to put down the sealer. I will always give him a reference to anyone who asks. Thanks. 

-Charles P. Antonelli Jr.

Bob Muldoon did excellent work repairing and resurfacing and sealing my parking lot. His attention to detail was what I am most impressed with. The job was completed on time and at my scheduling as to not interfere with services. He went over and above my expectations. We have received several comments and calls on our new parking lot. I will recommend Bob Muldoon Paving Service to anyone who needs paving work done. A GREAT JOB and a GREAT PRICE! Thank you Bob. 

-Sean Rourke, Fay McCabe Funeral Home

Muldoon Paving did an incredible job on my driveway. This job was not the average driveway. I needed to have some excavation work done, gravel brought in to take the steep grade out of my hill and finally pitch the driveway in such away to prevent water from going up against the house foundation. Bob did a fantastic job. I am very happy.I will recommend them to anybody looking for a professional job on their paving project. 

- Glenn, Chelmsford MA

Bob and his crew just finished repaving our driveway and they did a great job. They worked neatly and did not disturb our irrigation system or lawn. We have a water problem at times and they put down extra stone for a base and made sure that the driveway drained properly. Bob and his crew are hard workers who took the time to explain what they were doing and to answer any questions or concerns that we had. I would definitely recommend them to any of my friends who are looking for a new driveway. 

- Ann and Brian Linehan

Bob and his men did a very good job on repaving our way past due, falling apart driveway. He went beyond the usual expectations, as our driveway had many knooks and crannies added on that were paved beautifully. They were all extraordinarily hard working. Even the Boss, Bob worked as hard as his crew. My wife and I are so pleased we used Muldoon Paving. I would highly recommend them to my friends, and anyone else who needs a new driveway. 

- Eric and Cynthia , Chelmsford, MA

We are very impressed with the excellant and professional job that Bob and his crew performed on our driveway. Bob exceeded our expectations and continuously checked pitch, levelness, drainage, and any imperfections, assuring that we were completely satisified customers. Bob hand rolled and leveled the driveway next to the house foundation to make sure we would never have any water problems. Bob and his crew worked nonstop for two days to complete this job.My wife and I are very pleased and highly recommend Bob Muldoon Paving Services to friends and neighbors and anyone who needs a quality, professional driveway installed. 

-Bruce and Donna, Dracut, MA

At the outset, it was obvious to us that Bob Muldoon puts customer service and satisfaction at the top of his priority list. This was illustrated by how quickly he responded to our call to arrange an estimate to repave our driveway. Due to a unique water problem issue that we've had for years, Bob took the time to discuss the various options as well as their advantages and disadvantages. The problem completely disappeared with the new driveway, even with the 4+ inches of rain from Hurricane Hanna. Bob and his crew are hard-working, efficient, and experienced professionals who completed our job in just two days. We are very pleased with the appearance of our new driveway, and know we received a top shelf product at a fair and reasonable price. Based on our experience, we highly recommend Bob Muldoon Paving to anyone who needs a new driveway installed, or an old one replaced. 

Jim & Diane, Tewksbury, MA

FANTASTIC! It was obvious to me ont the first day that Bob and his crew took great pride in their work. They use nothing but the best materiel and don't scrimp or cut corners. Bob and his crew are hard working and won't quit until the job is perfect. I highly recommend Bob Muldoon Paving to anybody that needs paving work. 

-Bruce Ricard

Bob came to our house and gave us a detailed estimate, was easy to get in touch with, has a great crew and did an OUTSTANDING job on our driveway! I can't believe I could get this excited about my driveway. Very professional. Great guy. What more could you ask? Thanks Bob. 

-Bob Sullvan

Bob widened our driveway and made a circular play area next to our garage. His price was equal to the best quotes. He did the job ontime and exactly the way we wanted it done. We now have a great place to play street hockey and basketball away from our busy street. He also did a great job redoing my parents driveway. Bob is easy to reach and a great guy to work with! Thank-you Bob! 

-Don & Carolyn Dooley

Bob Muldoon paving did a fantastic job on a basketball court we recently had installed. Bob is very knowledgeable and was involved in the process from start to finish. His staff was professional and friendly. The job was done quickly and finished as expected; a high quality job. It was a pleasure to work with Bob and his staff and I highly recommend this company 

-E. McCarthy - Chelmsford, MA

We are very happy with the job and we are glad we found you and your company. Stay busy and healthy and thanks again! 

-Carl and Janice Hohenstein

Bob and his team replaced our driveway in July. The driveway was in rough shape and needed to be completely replaced and widened. The process went exactly the way that Bob explained to us. There were no surprises and Bob and his team did a phenomenal job. We now have the best driveway in the neighborhood.

- Brian and Amy Daley - Chelmsford, MA